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Sprint not accepting Tour pre-orders

by on03 July 2009


Last minute change to drive customers crazy

We received word that Sprint has decided at the last minute that they will not be accepting pre-orders for the BlackBerry Tour after all. While we don’t know why Sprint made this move so suddenly, we are hearing now that you will, in fact, have to head to your local Sprint store or call your Sprint rep on launch day in hopes of securing a Tour from Sprint.

The back and forth on the pre-orders does not seem to affect the pricing, which appears will remain at $199 after the rebates as we confirmed yesterday. It is unknown what kind of inventory Sprint has been able to secure for the 9630, but our sources say that the main reason that they decided against allowing pre-orders is that the number of units available on launch day is much shorter than they first expected.

We think your best hope to make sure that you secure one is to hit up your Sprint rep if you happen to be a business customer. Regular Joe-type consumers are going to have it much tougher; so we recommend that you arrive early for the best chance to secure one.

Last modified on 07 July 2009
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