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Kmart claims they are not HD DVD exclusive

by on05 November 2007


We wonder how this story got out?

It seems that we are not the only ones that are wondering how the news that Kmart would be supporting HD DVD exclusively surfaced. K-Mart released a statement from Jonathan Magasanik stating the following, "There have been numerous statements in the media (Wednesday), attributed to Toshiba, indicating exclusive support for the HD-DVD format in Kmart stores. These statements are false. Kmart intends to support both the HD-DVD and Blu-ray platforms, and has no plans to support either platform exclusively."

Some believe that the root source for this information was in the announcement that Target would be displaying a Blu-ray end cap during the holiday season. First reports of the Target announcement had the retailer going Blu-ray exclusive, but later this, too, was revised to say that they were going to stay out of the format war. Right now, most retailers want to stay format neutral, since none of the retailers are sure who the eventual format winner might be.

Both the HD DVD and Blu-ray camps have continued to try to one up the other in the PR war between the two. Consumers still seem to be attracted more to lower prices than anything else. Still, it is obvious that most consumers will either choose one format over the other, depending on specific movie titles or recommendations from friends or family.

The majority of consumers seem to be perfectly happy with the standard DVD format and see little or no reason to upgrade at this time.

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