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8830 gets 4.5 on Verizon

by on23 April 2009


Wait is over OS update finally released

BlackBerry 8830 owners on Verizon will likely be excited to find out that they can now update to version 4.5 of the BlackBerry OS. While 4.5 has been available in other flavors for some time, it has taken quite a while for it to make its way to the Verizon 8830.

The BlackBerry OS 4.5 update, which can be downloaded from Verizon’s Web site, will update the OS to version 4.5.138. The 4.5 OS update for the 8830 adds a few new things, but as with other carriers that have released 4.5, the focus has actually been more on bug fixes and other device improvements.

With the large installed base of corporate 8830s on Verizon, the 4.5 upgrade is a welcome update by many BlackBerry BES administrators who currently have these devices deployed.

Last modified on 23 April 2009
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