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Cox to jump into wireless

by on09 April 2009


Will launch cell phone service

Cox Communication looks to finally being able to realize its dream of getting into the wireless business, as it looks like it will use the spectrum that was purchased in the joint venture that Cox was a part of with Comcast, Time Warner and other cable companies to turn up a new wireless network.

From what our sources are whispering to us, Cox will be building its own cell network that will operate in the 700MHz spectrum and the network will not just be for cell phone and data services, but new services that the company is still dreaming up.

Some analysts are already questioning the decision of Cox to jump into this market space due to the fact that the company will have to drive the prices down to force customers to switch, and at least at the start even with roaming agreements in place it will be tough for the company to realize a profit.

With four major players in the cell market in the U.S. already, as well as a number of regional carriers, Cox will have to bring something new to the table to entice customers; and that could prove to be very difficult. We have to think that this is a bad decision for the company to invest in, but if they can deliver something different with the cool wireless devices that the other carriers are passing on, Cox might be able to gain a foothold.
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