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Sirius XM works on iPhone application

by on13 March 2009


New app to bring Sirius XM content to iPhone

The team behind the StarPlayr application has announced that they are working a brand new application for the iPod Touch and iPhone that will bring Sirius XM content to the iPhone. The company already had a Sirius XM streaming application in the pipeline.

In a conference call yesterday where the company announced that it posted a loss of almost $246 million, they plan to release this new application for the iPhone at some point during the second quarter. It was also announced that the development on the Sirius XM application would be halted in favor of this new application development.

With all of the changes that the company has made to their subscription model these days, when this application is released for the iPod Touch and iPhone we suspect that it is going to cost subscribers money one way or the other.

Adding the ability to stream content from Sirius XM to the iPod Touch and iPhone could be a very good decision by the company. Adding additional options for subscribers and capitalizing on the popularity of the iPhone could be a winning combination for Sirius XM if they don’t find a way to price people out of being able to afford it.
Last modified on 13 March 2009
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