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Nokia pulls the 5800 XpressMusic off US shelves

by on03 March 2009


Plagued by 3G connectivity issues

Nokia's 5800
XpressMusic debuted in the US last week, and now the Finnish handset maker is pulling it off the shelves, following reports of 3G connectivity issues by AT&T users.

The 5800 was launched in select European markets in October, and as early as January, Nokia said it had sold more than a million units. Unfortunately, Nokia's US launch isn't going as smoothly, but the mobile giant claims it will resolve the issue swiftly.Nokia claims the issue is limited to the US market, so European consumers have nothing to worry about.

You might think the 5800 XpressMusic is just another iPhone killer wannabe destined to fail, but at $399 the handset is exceptionally well priced, and it still manages to outperform the iPhone in many aspects.
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