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HTC to make Nvidia Tegra powered devices

by on15 January 2009


Expected later this year

According to International Business Times, HTC is set to launch devices powered by Nvidia's Tegra 600-series SoC later this year. It's about time that we're starting to hear about Tegra powered devices, as the Tegra platform was launched during Computex last year, which is now over six months ago.

Not a lot of specific details on which devices or even how many Tegra powered devices HTC are working on was revealed by IBTimes, so it's anyone's guess how important this business is for Nvidia or not. However, Doug Freedman of American Technology Research is quoted saying that "We estimate Tegra could add $100M to [Nvidia's] 2H09 results" which suggests that Nvidia is set to sell a fair bit of Tegra chips.

He continues "We expect Tegra to sell in a range of $15 to $25 and have more than one customer in '09." Now we don't know much about who will buy Tegra from Nvidia, apart from HTC, as there's a lot of competition in this market space, least not from Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Marvell and we doubt either of these companies are ready to just give up and give Nvidia a fighting chance.

It doesn't always matter if you have a great product, you have to find the right customers and make them interested in it before you can shift a large volume of chips. The mobile phone makers are also known to be very conservative when it comes to changing their platforms, as it generally means large software changes. However, in this case it shouldn't be too bad as long as it's easy to get Windows Mobile and indeed why not Android, to run on the Tegra processors.

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