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iPhone Nano in China

by on15 January 2009


Small and dumbed down iPhone

Apple is rumoured
to be thinking about releasing an iPhone Nano on the Chinese market.

The version will be a simplified version of  Apple's touchscreen smartphone which many had expected to be announced at Macworld.

While the gear never showed up, it seems that Apple was considering releasing it in June but only in China. It is not clear why Apple is only been thinking about an iPhone Nano behind the bamboo curtain. However according to the Economic Daily News Apple has signed a production order with  TSMC and UMS.

To make sure that it is not shipped to foreign parts, Apple has made sure that the gear works with the Chinese TD-SCDMA (Time Division-Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access) version of 3G.

Don't expect Apple to say anything about this, even if it was doing it.  However it is odd that Apple would tailor something so much for the Chinese market when its main base is rabid fan boys from San Francisco.

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