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RIM working on CDMA BlackBerry Pearl Flip

by on06 January 2009


CDMA version of the 8900 on tap for later in ‘09

As we told you yesterday, Sprint will be getting the CDMA version of the Bold, which is codenamed Niagra. Now we have received word from our sources that we can expect a few more CDMA releases on tap for this year, as well.

While the Niagra might be the one that most are waiting for, we suspect that the CDMA version of the Pearl Flip, which is known as codename Apex, might also be a strong CDMA offering, as well. We suspect that it might be known as the 8230 when it is released mid-year.

The Curve 8900, which used to be known as codename Javelin, will get a CDMA version, as well, late in the year. We would expect this one to likely hit as model 8930 when it is released. We don’t know a lot about what might be in a CDMA offering of the 8900, but we do think that it is likely that it will offer HSPA support to give it real-world phone support.

While RIM has been talking about shrinking margins, it does seem that they are executing well to get products out, and 2009 could be a big year for the company on the CDMA side. It could also signal that perhaps Sprint will be leading the way with a trio of CDMA BlackBerry products to make up for the fact that they didn’t get on board with the Storm when they had the chance.

As for the possibility that the Storm will be coming to Sprint, we continue to hear nothing about this at this time. Verizon seems to be pleased with the sales of the Storm, but perhaps not with all of the teething pains that they have had with the OS on the Storm. We look for Verizon to remain committed to the Storm and to attempt to try to retain the exclusive in North America as long as possible.

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