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iPhone Nano speculation starts again

by on23 December 2008


$100 market space next on the agenda

References have been made by Apple to the $100 Smartphone market space and the need for Apple to be in this space. It, of course, comes as no surprise that the iPhone Nano rumors are starting again; and it also comes as no surprise that case and accessory manufacturers are responsible for lighting the fires of this rumor again.

We have spoken with several of our sources that are telling us that Apple does have a dumbed down iPhone Nano on the horizon and that they are working on a product for this segment. Of course, it is logical with the current situation that Apple would want to get into the low-cost arena, but so far our sources have not been able to come forth with anything other than speculation.

As for the latest predictions on when we will see it, they are claiming that it will not be at MacWorld, but instead at another event that will come in the Spring. We can tell you for sure (pretty much at this point) that while Wal-Mart is going to sell the iPhone, it will not be a $99 4GB model as many predicted. We have to say that when Apple does enter this market space, it will likely be with a new phone that is likely to be branded the iPhone Nano.

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