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Acer to replace E-Ten brand in 2009

by on01 December 2008


No new handsets before then

Although the news of Acers buy out of E-Ten, the makers of the Glofiish Windows Mobile devices, is anything but new news, it looks like Acer is readying some changes within the company structure and the E-Ten brand will be disappearing starting early next year.

We doubt that the Glofiish brand will stay, either, as Acer is most likely going to come up with a better marketing name for the devices. We're also hearing that Acer is pulling in people from its Packard Bell and Gateway teams to help with product development, even for the mobile devices division.

Although we don't quite know what Acers company structure will look like come next year, we're certain of one thing, there will be a lot of changes. It won't be easy for Acer to incorporate all of its new acquisitions into the Acer business model.

We're also hearing that there won't be any new devices from what currently is E-Ten this year, as the 900-series of devices have been delayed. As such, they should be the first devices that launch with the Acer brand stuck on them, which might not be a bad thing.

We had a quick play with the V900 device this weekend at the Taiwan IT Month consumer show and it looks like it's almost ready to go. The new touch screen, similar to the HTC Touch devices, is a huge improvement, although we really hope Acer will remove the joystick that E-Ten has been so keen to use on its Windows Mobile devices.
Last modified on 01 December 2008
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