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HTC Touch HD, 3G and Viva get priced up

by on17 September 2008


Crazy pricing

It only took one day before someone listed the three new HTC devices that launched yesterday, although we can't imagine that people will buy any of them without a contract, at least not at the prices that Clove Technology has them listed at.

For starters, the HTC Touch HD is listed at a whopping £581.62 including VAT, that is €732 or US$1,043, or about £195 more than the Touch Diamond. Oddly enough, the Touch 3G and Touch Viva are both listed at £464.12 inc VAT, or €585/$834, although we expect that the Touch Viva price is wrong, as this is a much more basic device than the Touch 3G and it shouldn't cost much more than the old Touch, which is listed at £282 incl VAT.

We'd expect to see these devices a lot cheaper once they become available with network contracts, although we're not sure how Clove can justify the current prices, as they seem all too high compared to the Touch Diamond or even the Touch Pro; so take these numbers with a big pinch of salt for now and wait for other retailers to announce the pricing.

You can find Clove's HTC device section here.

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