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Notebooks cannot get any smaller

by on11 September 2008


Nvidia believes 

Bill Henry, the General Manager of Nvidia's Mobile Internet Devices Division, told us that notebooks couldn’t get any smaller than they are today. Asus Eee PC and its 7 inches is probably the smallest comfortable size that you can do some serious work on, and some people believe that even this is too small.

For most serious individuals 10 or 12 inches is the smallest comfortable size, but the 7, 8.9 and 10-inch netbook market has proven to have its customer base who want small and low-priced notebooks.

MID’s are something else and it looks like we all need something a bit bigger than an iPhone and smaller than 7-inch Eee PC. This might be a perfect device that would fit in your pocket, and at the same time, could do some serious computing and probably play HD movies via an HDMI cable. This is what Nvidia wants to achieve with Tegra platform and we hope to get some nice mobile designs with it.


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