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iPhone coming to Austria

by on13 March 2008


Friday via T-Mobile, 16GB for €499

iPhone appeared in Europe late last year, but smaller markets, or should we say smaller countries, were left out.

Austrians will finally get the chance to buy the popular gadget starting tomorrow. T-Mobile is offering the 8GB model for €399 and the more spacious 16GB version for €499. Of course, you'll have to commit yourself to a 24-month contract and pay €39 or €55 a month, depending on which contract you go for.

The 8GB version with the cheaper Classic contract will end up costing you €1,335, while the 16GB with the Supreme €55 a month contract will hit your pocket with a rather unpleasant €1,819.

You can check out T-Mobile for details, here.
Last modified on 14 March 2008
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