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Say goodbye to DFI's LanParty line

by on04 June 2010


The company refuses to comment

You had to be living under a rock (or just reach your PC enthusiast maturity in the last few months) not to be familiar with DFI’s LanParty series of motherboards. However, the usually lively colored motherboards appear to have not made the mark intended by the company and while it’s not yet official, it appears that the line is done for.

Indeed, the LanParty website has not been updated since November last year and new products are nowhere to be seen. This spurred Bit-tech to go directly to the source and ask some questions, which were strangely enough left unanswered. A company not bragging about new products? Fishy, to say the least.

Ultimately, further investigation and conversations with former DFI LanParty associates/employees revealed that DFI broke the news to the LANParty team sometime in 2009. It appears that the line kept losing money throughout 2009, and was thus deemed dead wood. While official confirmation is yet to be seen, lack of new products and the company’s insistence on keeping quiet while its team mostly relocated and left paints a good enough picture.


Last modified on 04 June 2010
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