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ASRock overclocks Pentium G6950 on H55MPro

by on22 January 2010


Simple BIOS update

ASRock, a company that tends to surprise with its level of innovation has issued a "Turbo 100" overclocking mode via a BIOS update on its H55MPro. This mode will apply when the aforementioned motherboard is paired with Intel's entry-level Pentium dual-core G6950 processor.

The simple BIOS update will overclock the CPU from default 2.8GHz to either 4.0GHz with Turbo 70 mode, or even to 4.2GHz for Turbo 100 mode. These two also overclock both the memory and the integrated graphics up to 1600MHz for memory and 767MHz for GPU at Turbo 100 and 1200MHz for memory and 700MHz for the GPU in Turbo 70 mode. Just for reference, in default mode, the memory works at 1066MHz while the GPU is set at 533MHz.

It all sounds pretty simple and we hope that ASRock will hopefully extend this feature to some other CPUs as well, as it raises the 3DMark 2006 score from 1313 to more reasonable 2639 for Turbo 100 and 2277 for Turbo 70. You can check out the 3DMark Vantage scores below.

ASRock had some innovative solutions over the past few years and from time to time they really manage to surprise us, and probably even surprise the engineers at other companies.

You can check out more details over at OCWorkBench, while the BIOS update can be found over at ASRock forums.



Last modified on 22 January 2010
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