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MSI shows its P55 lineup

by on08 September 2009


A total of four motherboards

MSI has officially revealed its full lineup of P55 based motherboards which includes the P55-GD80 which we had a chance to preview earlier. MSI has decided to launch a total of four motherboards in order to cover market prices ranging from €103 to €185.

We already wrote about the P55-GD80 so we'll skip that one. The next in line is the P55-GD65 which has one less PCI-Express slot, so it will have only two working at 8x/8x mode. When compared to the P55-GD80, this one also lacks V-Switch as well as the Debug LED. It also comes with a Gen1 Easy Button, so there won't be any all touch buttons on this one.

MSI also decided to use its DrMOS for CPU and VTT only on this one as it has less phases across the board. The P55-GD80 has 8+2 for the CPU and VTT as well as 2+2 for memory and PCH. The GD-65 on the other hand has 6+1 for CPU/VTT and 1+1 for memory and PCH, but we guess that MSI had to cut expenses somewhere in order sell this one for about €50 less.

The cheapest listed motherboard for now is the P55-CD53 which is listed at around €103 and already available for few euros more. This one has only one PCI-Express x16 slot and comes without Power eSATA and and bunch of other features that can be found on the P55-GD80 and GD65 motherboards. You can check out the full list of features on a picture below.

The last is the P55M-GD45, a microATX motherboard with similar features like the P55-CD53, except for the fact that it will have two PCI-Express slot working in 16x/4x mode. As this one is not yet listed we guess that it will be priced somewhere around €100 as well.

You can find them all listed here.




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