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MSI's P55-GD80 pixellized as well

by on30 June 2009


The high-end P55 model

In addition to the P55-GD65, MSI is working on yet another P55 based motherboard that is much better and has some quite unique features previously unseen on motherboards, the P55-GD80.

The P55-GD65 which we seen before was quite good, but the P55-GD80 looks even more interesting and quite unique, at least as far as the feature goes. The details are still scarce as this one is still not finalized as well, but a picture has given us quite a few details.

It will be cooled by the same SuperPipe cooling that we have seen on P55-GD65 but this time it has a larger heatsink that has to cover the 8+2-phase VRM. It still supports dual-channel DDR3 memory and this one has three PCI-Express x16 2.0 slots, thanks to the Nvidia nForce 200 bridge chip.

In addition to the regular six SATA II ports, this one also has an additional controller for extra two internal, one eSATA and one IDE port. The backpanel is also quite crowded with two PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse, one Coaxial and one Optical S/PDIF-out port, seven USB and one eSATA/USB combo port, two Ethernet and six audio ports.

You can notice some interesting feature like dual LED POST display, where the second one is located just above the first PCI-Express slot and which should show a CPU Phase status, GreenPower, Reset and Power on-board "touch" buttons, OC Genie, on board controls for clock speeds, and DIP switch for voltage control. Another interesting feature are the "vcheck" points next to the 24-pin power connector for easy access to motherboard voltages.

In any case, this one looks really interesting and we are sure that we will hear more about this one once these P55 based motherboards start hitting the market. You can find more details here.
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