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Sandisk sues 25 flash memory companies

by on25 October 2007

Mostly Taiwanese and Korean companies

Sandisk has posted a press release on its site where it lists 25 different memory manufacturers that are being sued for patent infringement, and we're not talking unknown little companies here, either; the list includes big companies with well known brands such as Kingston, Memorex, Corsair, Verbatim and LG.

The patent infringement has to do with three different patents regarding USB flash drives, CompactFlash cards, MMC, MP3/media players, and possibly some other claims as well, although Sandisk wasn't too specific.

A lawsuit was filed with the U.S. District Court in Wisconsin and with the United States International Trade Commission, also known ast the ITC, and Sandisk reportedly wants to ban imports and sales of any related products in the U.S. from any of the involved companies.

With Sandisk holding patents involving every single flash memory technology bar SmartMedia and xD cards, this could be a tricky one unless the companies in question agree to make some kind of out-of-court settlement with Sandisk. It goes without saying that these kind of legal disputes usually take a long time to sort out.

You can find the entire list of companies here
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