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Nvidia still friends with VIA

by on11 February 2009


Future ION products will support the Nano

Those that thought Nvidia had abandoned VIA were wrong, or at least so it seems, as when asked earlier today, Drew Henry commented that future ION products should support the VIA Nano CPU. This is good news for VIA, but the question is how long it will take before we see such a product.

Nvidia went with the Atom CPU as they felt this would be a better way to get mass market appeal for the ION platform. Mostly because the Atom had already gained wide consumer acceptance and Nvidia felt that it could easily improve upon the Intel platform while sticking with a tried and tested CPU.

Currently Nvidia is not working on an ION solution for AMD, although Drew Henry did mention that the company has a solution for low cost AMD notebooks, but didn't go into any further details except saying that it should be better than the 690E chipset which AMD is currently using. However, Nvidia better be fast if they want to gain some momentum with its customers here, as AMD is set to replace the 690E later this year with the 780E chipset which should offer vastly better performance in this market segment.
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