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Galaxy working on Geforce 8100 motherboard

by on10 December 2008


Unusual form factor

It seems like small form factor motherboards are all the rage these days, with every other manufacturer trying to come up with their own solution. Although most of the boards we've seen recently have been mini-ITX, Galaxy has now stepped up with something slightly different.

We're not sure what to call the form factor, as the board is slightly too long to be DTX, but it's not big enough to be mATX; and as such it's a bit of a Galaxy special. The board seems to be called AN78M2 and it uses the Geforce 8100 chipset for AMD's AM2+ socket.

Due to its small size, it has a limited amount of slots, but with both a PCIe x16 slot and a PCI slot, it should keep most people happy. Around the back are two PS/2 ports, a DVI and a D-sub, four USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet and three audio jacks. The board also has two memory slots, four SATA ports, an IDE connector and two headers for four additional USB 2.0 ports.

The integrated graphics solution isn't going to break any speed records when it comes to gaming, but it handles most video formats, although it's not part of the PureVideo HD parts from Nvidia, so it might struggle a bit with H.264 video and Blu-ray.

The interesting this is that this board is meant to go on sale for a mere €34/US$44 in China, although we hope that Galaxy decides to launch this board into other regions, as well.

More details here (in Chinese)

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