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MSI Eclipse SLI X58 media kit gets leaked

by on27 October 2008


Every detail of the board covered

Taiwanese forum Xfastest has scored the full media kit for MSI's upcoming Eclipse SLI X58 motherboard, and although a lot of the details of this board have already made their way onto the Internet one way or another, it still holds some surprises.

First of all, MSI is pushing its DrMOS power regulation design as the best option compared to both Asus and Gigabyte. MSI also claims to have better power switching, as they have a true 6-phase design rather than what they refer to as a phase-splitter.

Slightly more interesting is the detail on the D-LED 2 display, as what we didn't know was that it incorporates a thermal sensor which can be placed at a location of your choice. The D-LED 2 button on the motherboard allows you to toggle between various system information details such as CPU frequency, CPU Voltage, chipset Voltage and the temperature readout from the thermal sensor.

The board will also come with a new version of MSI's CoreCenter software, which has a basic and advanced mode, and it allows you to switch off all the onboard LEDs if you'd want to. MSI has also incorporated an interesting BIOS feature that gives you the same kind of information as you would get using CPU-Z, although we're not sure MSI is allowed to use that name for their BIOS option as they've done in the presentation.

Toward the end of the presentation there's also a slide comparing MSI's X58 boards; and although we've already heard about the possibility of an NF200 chip on an X58 board from MSI, this once again confirms that the company is working on such a product. However, it seems like you'll be limited to using single width cards in three of the four x16 PCIe slots on this board, and as only a single NF200 chip is being used, you won't gain the same advantage as on a board that has two NF200 chips, as each chip is limited to two PCIe slots.

Have a look here for more details.
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