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MSI's X58 Eclipse breaks memory bandwidth record

by on17 October 2008


Intel's Core i7 Extreme 965 OCed to 4,067MHz

The guys at forums have managed to get their hands on MSI's X58 Eclipse motherboard and paired it up with Intel's Core i7 Extreme 965 CPU and some high-quality G.Skill triple-channel memory kit.

Using MSI's crown jewel based on the X58 chipset, the guys at Coolaler forum managed to get Intel's Core i7 Extreme all the way to 4,067MHz, while the G.Skill 6GB DDR3 kit was overclocked to 1,017.5MHz (2,034MHz). One of the interesting things is that memory was able to achieve that OC with voltage set at 2.05V, while the CPU VCore was set at 1.576V, which means only one thing: that MSI's Eclipse, unlike some other X58-based motherboards, can separate CPU and memory voltage and the 1.65V limit doesn't apply.

The memory in question works at 1017.5MHz at 10-8-8-24 1T latency with FSB ratio set at 2:12. That OC was enough for MSI's Eclipse to break the memory bandwidth record and score 21647MB/s in the Everest memory read test. It looks like MSI has a great X58 motherboard and that we can finally see some records broken on it.

You can check out the CPU-Z, Everest and other screenshots here.


Last modified on 18 October 2008
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