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Asus to launch two 780G ATX motherboards

by on10 March 2008

The M3A-H/HDMI and M3A78-EH

Asus has been very busy releasing new motherboards as of late, and two new models have just appeared on its Website, namely the M3A-H/HDMI and M3A78-EH, both full ATX and featuring the AMD 780G chipset. However, the two are vastly different from each other.

We gave you the lowdown on the M3A78-EH here, although this time we can offer you a real picture of the board, as well as a much more sensible price from a Dutch company that lists the board for €79.95 on pre-order. This is a peculiar board, as it seems like Asus doesn't take advantage of the integrated graphcis core, although it might work in a Hybrid CrossFire setup. The Asus product page can be found here, but at the time of writing there wasn't much information on it.

The M3A-H/HDMI is a much more interesting board, at least for the HTPC crowd that is looking for a full sized ATX board with HDMI and some extra features. It's quite basic, but the rear I/O consists of a D-sub and HDMI connector, four USB 2.0 ports, coaxial S/PIDF out, 7.1-channel analog audio jacks and Gigabit Ethernet.

In terms of expansion slots, this board has a single x16 PCIe slot, two x1 PCIe slots and three PCI slots. It also has four headers for eight more USB 2.0 ports and six SATA connectors. Asus supplies an HDMI to DVI dongle for those that don't have an HDMI connector, but still want to take advantage of the onboard graphics via a digital interface.

We only found some references of this board in the U.K. and it was listed there for about £69.00 (or about €91.00) according to Google, but clicking on the links didn't give us any product pages. The Asus product pages can be found here, but as with the previous board it's pretty scarce on details.

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