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Nvidia fixes reboot Hybrid SLI problem

by on22 January 2008


A step in the right direction

We found out that Nvidia has fixed the issue with having to reboot your Hybrid SLI system, which we wrote about here. It doesn't mean that Nvidia still does not have some work to do, as there remain a lot of limitations with the current Hybrid SLI implementation.

For example, you're stuck with only a single link DVI, which means that if you have a display with higher resolution than 1,920x1,200, then you can forget about using Hybrid SLI.

The reason for this is simple, as you have to attach your display to the DVI connector on the motherboard to be able to take advantage of the HybridPower feature. Unlike AMD, Nvidia has failed to implement their take on Hybrid graphics so that you can attach your display to the graphics cards and still reap the benefits of using the integrated graphics and powering off the graphics card while in Windows.

Hopefully, some of Nvidia's customers will re-evaluate the platform now; then again, from what we've heard, everyone seems to favor AMD's solution this time around.
Last modified on 24 January 2008
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