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Skulltrail's hottest chip is Nvidia NF200

by on17 January 2008


It’s getting hot in here

Intel's engineers told us a funny story that the hottest chips on their Skulltrail motherboard are Nvidia's bridge chips. Skulltrail has two of these and they tend to get extremely hot.

You need two Nforce 200 bridge chips to have all PCIe slots SLI capable and at the same time you can plug four Radeon 3870 cards inside, at least when we talk about Sapphire Atomic edition, single slot cards.

Intel engineers are far from happy with Nvidia’s behavior and the fact you need to buy these chips, too. It is not the cost that upsets the Intel chaps, it is the amount of heat that they dissipate, and it makes the already hot thing run even hotter.

We’ll see how long this friendship will last, as Intel was so happy to show us the Radeon 3870 X2 running well in its X48 based motherboard.

Last modified on 18 January 2008
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