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Intel lost the HL2 coast

by on18 March 2007

CEBIT 2007: G965 vs AMD 690


We had a chance to see AMD 690 chipset and DAAMIT decided to compare it versus G965. Intel machine was obviously slower. We saw Half Life 2 Lost cost running on both machines and you can clearly see that AMD can render things faster.

We were not surprised as we are comparing AMD latest chipset with Intels latest but outdated chipset. Intel is about to launch G33 that might give it a fighting chance.

On Intel G965 Intel lost its coast. It can not render water properly and AMD swears that it has the latest driver for Intel platform. Intel decided to back out from the booth and Cebit organizers made a big lake in Hall 2, just at the place where you would expect Intel.

Intel also has problems with Sims 2 and Movies game, casual gamers games. Everything runs significantly faster on AMD four pipe chipset.

That should prove that AMD is the smarter choice at least this is how it wants to get in the customers mind.

Last modified on 20 March 2007
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