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Intel G35 is DirectX 10

by on13 March 2007

Hardware support in chipset


Intel will release two graphics chipsets in next two quarters. This never happened in Intel's history at least not in last ten years that we can remember. The first one will be showcased at Cebit and its called G33. This chipset is supposed to replace 945G / GZ chipsets and to make G965 runs for its money.

The new G33 chipset supports Yorkfield and Wolfdale processors and Core 2 Duo / Quad Extreme with FSB 1333 or slower. It supports DDR 2 800 or DDR3 1066 and is compatible with ICH9, ICH9R and ICH9DH Southbridges. We don't have much details about the graphics itself but we believe that it should be better than G965 we tested before.


G35 is scheduled for Q3, quite odd time to launch a chipset but this integrated baby actually supports DirectX 10. Intel states that it has DirectX 10 support in hardware and that it can run Windows premium just fine. This one also supports Yorkfield and Wolfdale processors, FSB 1333 but DDR 2 800 memory only. There is no sign of DDR 3 support and oddly enough this chipset supports ICH8, ICH8R and ICH8DH but not the ICH9 series of Southbridges.

It is scheduled for Q3 and should see the face between July and September and might be there to get to OEM machines before back to school buying period. ATI also has RS790 DirectX 10 integrated chipset scheduled for similar time. 

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