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OCZ's new Solid 2 will be reasonably priced

by on18 August 2009


Cheaper than its predecessor

A week ago, OCZ has announced a new addition to its SSD lineup. However, the more important fact is that this one will be a part of OCZ's value line of SSDs and should replace the previous OCZ Solid, and should even be cheaper than its predecessor.

As we said back when it was announced, the new drive uses an Indilinx controller and has 64MB of cache. The most important thing is the fact that it will use "the new" 34nm MLC NAND chips which have been seen in Intel's new X25-M Gen2 SSDs, and which should bring the price of SSDs a bit down.

OCZ has decided that by pairing the new MLC chips with Indilinx controller and 64MB of cache will still keep performance at a decent level but shouldn't affect the price. With a 3-year warranty and technical support that has pushed SSDs into mainstream it might have a bright future.

We still don't know the exact price, but we do know that this one will end up cheaper than its predecessor. The old Solid sells for about €130 to €140 for the 60GB version and around €230 to €240 for the 120GB version.

This means that the new Solid 2 should be priced at around €120 for the 60GB and €220 for the 120GB version, once it hits e-tail and retail with a full blow. This is a decent price, especially if you know that this one is way ahead of the old Solid.

You can find the old and the new one listed here.

Last modified on 18 August 2009
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