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SuperTalent MasterDrive SX series spec'd, listed

by on19 June 2009


220MB/s read, 200MB/s write, starting at €149

We stumbled
upon several SuperTalent MasterDrive SX listings, and these new MLC-based SSDs caught our eye, mainly because of their pricing.

You can't exactly call a 64GB drive cheap if it sells for €149, but with read and write speeds of 220MB/s and 200MB/s respectively, it's by far the cheapest product in this performance category.

  If you need more capacity, you can also go for the 128GB or 256GB versions, priced at €281 and €537. Once again, you can't say that's cheap, but it's still some €50 less than similarly spec'd drives on the market.

Although SSDs are still a bit to pricey for most users, the prices are slowly getting more acceptable. A MasterDrive SX still costs twice as much as a Raptor with the same capacity, but the 64GB version still looks like a good deal.

You can find the listings here.
Last modified on 22 June 2009
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