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Corsair working on three-way memory kits

by on02 October 2008


For Core i7 - Nehalem

is working on three-way and possibly even six-way memory for upcoming Core i7 CPUs. You should all be aware by now, that Core i7 aka Bloomfield – Nehalem generation 45nm native quad-core supports three-way channel memory and therefore you will need to populate three memory slots to get the full speed from Intel’s memory bus.

Currently, you can get a lot of dual-channel DDR3 kits in 2GB or 4GB flavors but the future will give us 3-way kits with 3GB or six way paired memory with 6GB or in the future even 12 GB memory matched up for team work.

Even if you have some cool DDR3 memory in your X48 or X38 motherboards, there is a good chance that three-way memory will work a bit faster than your dual kits and that you will have to change for a new kit. Nehalem – Core i7 upgrade will mean a new motherboard, new memory, new cooler and most certainly a new CPU.

Last modified on 03 October 2008
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