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OCZ has new DDR3 Reaper kits

by on22 February 2008


2GB and 4GB kits


OCZ has announced new 1333MHz DDR3 kits in its Reaper HPS series. These should provide a nice upgrade and bring DDR3 much closer to the average consumer.

These kits work at 1333MHz with 6-6-6-18 latencies at 1.75V. As always OCZ has included 1.8V EVP, which means that these modules can be pushed to 1.8V without compromising the lifetime warranty. The new kits will be available as 2GB and 4GB kits, and will be cooled by OCZ's Reaper HPC cooling solution, which should keep the temps of these kits at a low level.

Unfortunately, the price isn't yet revealed and these new kits aren't yet available. The closest ones to the new kits are OCZ PC3-10666 Reaper HPC and OCZ PC3-10666 ReaperX Enhanced kits, which come at a hefty price of €259.99 for the 2GB kit and €500.09 for the 4GB kit.


Last modified on 23 February 2008
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