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Kingston has CL5 1375MHz DDR3

by on04 September 2007


Expensive and not available

Kingston has rather interesting DDR3 memory clocked at DDR3-1375MHz. this might be the only DDR3 memory to run at CL5 or exactly at 5-7-5-15 which might be considered as super low latency for DDR3 memory.

The memory is listed for €630 for a dual 2 GB kit and it is still not available but it should be shortly. We asked Kingston about it but we still haven’t heard back, the company is still not sampling these modules at least not that we know of.

Corsair, OCZ and some other companies already talk about DDR 1800MHz but CL5 at DDR3-1375MHz is also a way to go.

You can pre order this memory here.



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