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OCZ Firewire memory key writes 40MB/Sec

by on06 June 2007


Computex 07:

OCZ is working hard on its Firewire based memory key and we have seen it in action. The prototype is still the size of a baby shoes box but we´ve seen the model how it will look at the end. USB based memory key can write 12 MB and read almost 22 MB/s a second on the large files while the Firewire one writes just over 40MB/s in the same test and reads the same file at up to 46 MB/s.

USB keys can do faster than 12 MB/s but still cannot even get close to 46MB/s, that is why you will need the Firewire interface.

We still don’t know when OCZ plans to ship this product but it should be out before Xmas. 


Last modified on 06 June 2007
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