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Chaintech release DDR II 1066

by on12 April 2007


Where are the motherboards?

Memory maker Walton Chaintech famous for its motherboards has released its new Apogee GT DDRII 1066 memory module.

The module is geared towards extreme gamers and computer enthusiasts using Intel Core 2 Duo/Extreme/Quad series or AMD Athlon 64 series processors. It claims high performance, lower latency, and lower power consumption.

According to a company press release it can manage speeds of 8.5 GB/s and can supply 32 per cent more bandwidth than DDRII 800.It comes with dual-channel configuration support and synchronizes with Intel CPU FSB transfer rates on Intel chipset. The GT DDRII 1066 modules use 64M x 8 BGA chips, with 1GB capacity.

The modules will be released in matched pair kits. This memory is nothing new as we tested the memory that can almost hit 1300. Company previously announced its DDR II 800 modules and we wrote about it here.
Last modified on 12 April 2007
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