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Memory prices to go up

by on02 March 2007




In second half of 2007

steep price drops this year, DRAM price will inevitably go up as the demand increases in the second half of 2007.

Most of the memory industry suffered from the price drops in February, which have been higher than expected and have driven prices near production costs. Any further steep price drops are not likely.

Vista and it's increased need for RAM could affect the price of DRAM. As you all know, Vista is hungry for RAM, and even 1GB is not enough in most of the cases. In the near future, we will break tha 2GB barrier for home PC-s.

Just have to be patient till blockbuster DirectX10 games kick in and start filling ram to the last bit. Battlefield 2 alredy wants 2 GB in games and 4GB kits will be selling more and more till the end of year. 

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