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OCZ memory works at 1T

by on01 March 2007
DDR2 800 4-4-4-15, available at €172

Not only that OCZ has this handsome memory available, we also happen to receive the samples. We could not believe our ears where we heard that it costs only €172 for 2 GB retail kit. The full name is OCZ Titanium EPP-Ready DIMM Kit 2048MB PC2-6400U CL4-4-4-15. You get two times 1 GB of this memory that works at DDR2-800.


This is only memory kit that we seen working at 1T command mode. All other 1GB modules we seen so far, works at 2T mode. 1T is obviously faster and at the same time the modules are EPP ready.  

We will test them shortly and in the meantime you can buy it here.

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