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Led Zeppelin boss curses eBay

by on09 October 2007


Threatens to ruin its lives


Led Zeppelin manager Harvey Goldsmith has vowed to ruin online auctioneers eBay's lives for allowing touting of reunion tickets.

According to the Guardian Goldsmith has dubbed eBay the "biggest rip-off merchants in the world" after tickets to the forthcoming Led Zeppelin gig appeared for sale on the online auction website.

Goldsmith told Kerrang! Radio that he wished eBay would drop dead and die. He had begged them to take the tickets off and they told him to "f... off"... so I will do everything I possibly can to ruin their lives."

Ticket touts swarmed over the online sales system and snapped up most of the tickets. Goldsmith has said that if the ticket name did not match the credit card the ticket would not be honoured. He said he was aware that there seems to be concerns about people who became winners in the ballot and then decided to use somebody else's credit card to pay for the ticket.

"However, I am convinced that those who are bleating the loudest seem to be protesting too much for other reasons," he said.

He said that the answer is simple. If ticket holders were genuine they should contact them and and give us a justified explanation. Tickets to the one-off show cost £125, but are already nearing bids of £1000 on auction sites such as eBay.

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