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Wii Remote Jackets announced

by on03 October 2007


Europe gets them too


Nintendo has announced that it will be offering free Wii Remote Jackets to US and Japanese console owners. Nintendo Europe has also announced that European Wii's will also get the Jacket from the Nintendo Europe web site.

The Wii Remote Jackets are actually rubber casings that should provide additional protection for the Wii Remote. The new jackets will be shipped with new Nintendo Wii consoles and those who already bought the Wii can order the free Jacket at the Nintendo web site. New consoles bundled with the Wii Jackets should hit retail on October 15.

According to the various sources free Wii Remote Jackets will cost Nintendo around $18 million. You can find the UK online form here, and the US and Canada order form can be found here.


Last modified on 03 October 2007
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