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Globalfoundries targets leading edge customers

by on25 March 2009


The ones that need more

Globalfoundries a manufacturing competitor of TSMC wants to compete for top ten GSA, Global Semiconductor Alliance, members. This is the plan for beginning and it they capture enough of top GSA members they will probably expand its appetite to other, smaller players. 

It wants to target the companies that are after the leading edge manufacturing, it will try to compete with TSMC in new process transitions, and offer its customers something better than what is available today.

Globalfoundries is aware that TSMC won't give market away without a fearsome fight, but it is also confident that the future is bright as it plans to have two factories operational in the next few years.

The great advantage of Globalfoundries will be the fact that AMD will always be on board as its first customer, and AMD with CPUs and ATI with graphics will drive the Globalfoundries business further. It costs several billion to make a fab and Globalfoundries have to be sure that they can get the money to continue to play this expensive game.
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