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Tri-core B3 Phenoms listed

by on09 April 2008


8x50 parts starting at €129

can always count on some retailers / e-tailers to jump the gun when it comes to new stuff, and has a healthy habit of spilling beans all over the place and giving us something to write about.

The German retail chain has listed three Phenom 8x50 tri-core CPUs. Unlike the B2 8x00 parts, which were only available for OEMs and system integrators, these B3 processors will be available in retail.

The cheapest, and probably the most interesting, is the Phenom X3 8450, it is listed at €129 and clocked at a modest 2.1GHz. It's followed by the 8650 at 2.3GHz for €145 and the 2.4 GHz 8750 for €159.

Let's see how they compare to similarly clocked quad-core Phenoms. At 2.4GHz, the 8750 costs almost as much as the 9750, €159 v. €162. At 2.3GHz the quad-core 9650 will set you back €164, while the tri-core 8650 is priced at €145.

There's no 2.1GHz Phenom X4, but clockwise the closest is the €146 Phenom 9550 at 2.2GHz. The tri-core 8450 is priced at €129. If you're going with the blue team, €129 will buy you a Core 2 Duo E6750 at 2.67GHz. The cheapest Intel quad-core, the 2.4GHz Q6600, is priced at €165.

We're expecting lower prices as the new tri-cores become available, as they don't make much sense priced as they are on All of them are still unavailable, but you probably guessed that already.
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