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Apple predicts dire consequences for hacked iPhones

by on25 September 2007


iPhone hacking = dead iPhone at next update


Apple, Inc. has issued a stern warning to users who have unlocked their iPhones: the next software update that Apple ships will probably ruin their iPhones.

It is not known how many iPhone owners have unlocked their iPhones so that it can be used on networks besides AT&T's, but the iPhone unlocking services that were advertised for $99 likely drew a lot of users in at the prospect of not being locked to a particular network carrier.  Early purchasers of the iPhone have become rather disillusioned with Apple itself after Apple cut the price of the iPhone by US$200 to help stimulate sales interest. 

When the advertisements for the unlocking services started, Apple announced that allowing the iPhone to be “hacked” would void not only the software license the users signed but also the product warranty for the iPod itself.  Apple has now issued a warning that is even harsher:  hack your iPhone and it will be permanently disabled by Apple’s next firmware release.

Are there any solutions that will prevent a dead iPhone from occurring if it has been hacked?  Of course there are!  If Apple thinks it can “out hack the hackers” it is probably biting off more than it can chew.  Many hackers live for this kind of challenge.  iPhone Atlas claims that it can restore iPhones to their factory default settings before Apple sends out the next update. 

And The Unofficial Apple Web Blog contains information about relocking the iPhone before the next firmware update to prevent “dead iPhone” syndrome, here.  Beware of this site if you are not technologically code inclined.

Last modified on 25 September 2007
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