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AMD stock sinks below $9

by on13 December 2007


Analysts are scared


Last night AMD again hit its 52-week low, and the near future doesn’t look good for the fallen CPU giant. AMD needs to bring the new B3 revision of its CPUs to re-introduce Barcelona and Phenom parts and to hit at least 2.6GHz in Q1 2008 to at least try to give Intel some serious competition.

ATI, on the other hand, is getting back in the saddle with a new FireGL, strong sales of its HD 3000 series and good plans for the future. AMD needs to start making some money on the CPU side to at least start paying on its enormous debt.

Buying ATI was not a mistake, but messing up K10 at the same time was. K10 bugs and delays are responsible for AMD's financial fiasco, and AMD company will start making money as soon as the new revision sees the light of day.

AMD fell from around US$23 at this time last year to below US$9, and investors are far from happy.

Last modified on 14 December 2007
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