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Phenom X4 listed in Europe

by on06 November 2007


€239 to €299

We have to admit it, we just love, Europe's top priced search engine. Its latest treats are three AMD Phenom CPUs, listed on, which has already taken down the listing.

The site listed the 2.2GHz Phenom X4 9500 at €239, the 2.3GHz Phenom X4 9600 for €279, and the 2.4GHz Phenom X4 9700 will set you back €299. Naturally, none of them are in stock yet.

Compared to U.S. prices, which we wrote about here, the EU prices are a bit higher, about 20 percent higher, to be exact. Not to worry, we're used to getting ripped off in Europe, and compared to some products, which are as much as 40 percent pricier in Europe than in the U.S., this doesn't seem bad at all.

You can check them here, for your convenience here's a screenshot:

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