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1600MHz Xeons gets the prices and names

by on30 August 2007


Intel Roadmap: Two quad one dual core

Intel plans to unveil the new FSB 1600MHz Xeons and we got to know the prices and the names. The fastest Quad core based one will run at work at 3GHz and will feature 12MB of cache. It will be called Xeon E5472. The big customers will pay $931 as a distributor price.

The second in line is E5462 and this one will work at 2.8GHz yet again featuring the FSB 400MHz (1600MHz) and 12 MB of cache. It will cost $774.

The last is the one we mentioned already and it’s a Dual core and works at 3.4GHz and you can read about this one here.

Intel also plans to launch at least eight more Xeons based on the same core and FSB 1333 and one based on 1066.

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