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45 nanometre Xeon prices are up

by on01 August 2007


From $229 to $1,164

Intel plans to unveil at least fourteen different versions of its 45 nanometre quad cores. The fastest one is a Xeon processor Active 1U X5460 at 3.16 GHz with 12 MB cache at 1,333 MHz and it will cost $1,164 at launch and so will the Xeon processor Passive X5460. The passive one has the same specs, but is unlikely to fit in 1U chassis, but it would go in a normal case.

Both the Xeon Processor Active 1U and the passive E5450 with 12 MB cache and 1,333 FSB, clocked at 3 GHz clock will cost $852 at launch in Q4. The Xeon Processor Active 1U or passive E5440 has FSB 1,333, 12 MB cache and works at the rather unusual speed of 2.83 GHz and they will cost $695 at launch.

The Xeon Processor Active 1U or passive E5430 with the same specs and 2.66 GHz clock will cost $467 while the Xeon Processor Active 1U or passive E5420 at 2.5 GHz clock speed and same FSB 1,333 and 12 MB cache will cost $332.

The Xeon Processor Active 1U or passive E5410 works at 2.33 GHz, have 12 MB of cache and FSB 1,333 and will only cost $273.

The last two are Xeon Processor Active U1 or passive E5405 with 12 MB cache, but Intel hasn't made up its mind about the clock speed or the FSB for this one. Just like any other 45 nanometre listed part, this one uses FC-LGA6 socket and it will cost $229 at Q4 launch.

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