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Intel Pentium D dies this year

by on18 July 2007


Roadmap: So long dual core Netburst

According to Intel’s recent plans, the Pentium D will be retired in 2007. It will occupy a modest share of total Intel shipments in Q3 2007, that's now and some in Q4. After that Intel will stop the production of these CPUs.

This also affects Celeron D processors at 65 nanometre. In Q3 Intel expects that the Celeron D will occupy a mere three per cent of total CPU shipments for the quarter and in Q4 it won’t be produced anymore.

There will be two Netburst CPUs that will be available for Q4 production and they will take a rather modest one per cent of total shipments. We are talking about the Pentium 4 6x1 series, again at 65 nanometre.

The second one is the Pentium D 900 series at 65 nanometre which will be present in Q3 with a massive seven percent of total shipments and in Q4 it will shrink to three per cent. After that there won’t be anymore Pentium D processors.

2008 is all about Core 2 Duo at 65nm and Penryn.

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