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AMD s Better by design mobile logos out

by on05 July 2007


To certain eyes only

AMD plans to revile its new program called Better by design that we in 2007 plan to call Bitter by design at least until AMD makes some serious competition to Intel's current Vpro platform.

The platformance is on the Intel's side but AMD will get a lot of deals as it's cheap on both CPU and Graphic side.

AMD first wants to attack mobile market and it will have four categories to start with. Good single core how AMD refers to its first platform will involve a single core semprom CPU, ATI or Nvidia graphics and Broardcom wireless.

Second in line "good dual core" will include Athlon X2 dual core, Nvidia or ATI graphic card and again Broardcom or some other wireless chipset vendor.

The third one is branded as "better dual core" and it includes Turion 64 X2 mobile dual core again Nvidia or ATI graphics and Boardcom or some other wireless. This version will be painted in silver ink.

The top notch one is called Best dual core and to stickers will be painted in golden ink. And it includes Turion 64 X2, Nvidia or ATI graphic and Boardcom but in this case it will be a feature of a high end and faster version of these CPUs.

The fifth mobile platform will involve "best dual core for digital media" slogan and it will promote AMD live.


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