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AMD's Phenom Quad-Cores out in November

by on26 June 2007


News out of Taipei


Taiwan's IT press is claiming that AMD's quad-core Phenom desktop processor line is poised to hit the streets in November.

AMD have previously told the world that it was likely, but it seems that it will go through with this launch date. Phenom is going through its early manufacturing paces.

According to Information Week AMD will release three quad Phenom parts and one dual-core Phenom before 2007 is out. Five additional quads and six more
dual-core Phenoms will join the family in 2008.

Top-flight Athlon 64 FX parts like the FX-72 and FX-74 are tipped to remain. It's also even likely that AMD will add some new Athlon 64 FX SKUs, with higher clock speeds.

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