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New K10 to runs up to 2.8 GHz

by on18 June 2007


A new hope

Our sources have confirmed that the K10 doesn’t have a TDP problem and at 1.6GHz the core runs at a very acceptable 32 degrees Celsius, even at full load. AMD will initially launch K10, Barcelona and Agena in frequencies of up to 2.4GHz, but the same core can go all the way up to 2.8GHz with the existing 65 nanometre process.

AMD will save these speeds to compete against Penryn, as at high clocks it will need it, at least until the company is ready for its 45 nanometre processors.

Even at 2.8GHz, the Thermal design Power from the K10 is at an acceptable rate and indicates that the K10 should be overclockable even beyond 3GHz.

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